Roots & Branches

A Multicultural Educational, Entertainment Network

Roots & Branches is a subsidiary of Lindsay Entertainment Network,  producing such events as the Black History Month lecture series held at the Scibelli Hall Theater on the campus of Springfield Technical Community College,

Among the programs presented has been Marcus Garvey’s Historical Legacy by his son, Dr. Julius Garvey. Dr. Julius Garvey, an accomplished vascular surgeon, was one of the featured speakers at the 4th annual Black History Month Lecture Presentation Series. Dr. Garvey offered insight into the continued struggles African Americans face in the 21st century, for what he called mental and economic empowerment. He spoke richly on the history of his father, who in 1914 established the Universal Negro Improvement Association and its coordinating body, the African Communities League, in New York City.

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To learn more about securing a posthumous pardon for Marcus Garvey